NUK Breast Therapy, Warm or Cool Relief Pack

  • For application on the milk and lymph glands
  • Warms to stimulate milk flow
  • Cools to relieve discomfort

Feel good

in yourself –

before, during

and after


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The right help for each stage of breastfeeding

During pregnancy:

Your breasts will begin preparing themselves for breastfeeding in the very first weeks of pregnancy. They become larger, heavier and their blood supply increases. You will experience changes in your breast tissue and the alveoli, or milk-producing sacs, will start to prepare colostrum. This all contributes to a certain amount of tenderness and discomfort, which can be unpleasant. The ergonomically-shaped NUK Relief Pack with its soft-touch surface can be used cool to ease this discomfort.

During breastfeeding:

The NUK Relief Pack can be used as a warm compress before breastfeeding to help trigger your milk flow. And as a cold compress after breastfeeding to ease any discomfort. The pack is specially shaped to reach the lymph nodes under the arm.

After breastfeeding:

Once you have stopped breastfeeding, you can still use the NUK Relief Pack as a warm or cold compress, to strengthen the connective tissue. This helps your breasts get back into shape that little bit quicker.
And of course, there’s nothing to stop the whole family from using it as an all-purpose compress once you’ve finished breastfeeding.