NUK EASY LEARNING 2-in-1 Maxi Cup 330ml

  • Special spout for easy drinking
  • Can also be used as a cup without the spout
  • For children aged 12 months and upwards


The drinking cup that adapts to

your child's needs

  • bpafree
  • spillproof
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2 learning steps with one cup

The bigger and more active your child is, the more he or she will need to drink. The NUK EASY LEARNING 2-in-1 Maxi Cup adapts to your child's needs as he or she develops.

1st step from approx. 12 months:

  • The 2-in-1 Maxi Cup promotes the drinking actions which will later be required from a "normal" cup, thus making the transition easier for your child.
  • The 330ml capacity means that two filled cups correspond to the recommended daily requirements for a small child.
  • The non-spill spout makes drinking particularly easy and the cup just as mobile as the child using it.

2nd step from approx. 18 months:

  • The spout can now be replaced by the additional ring. Your child can now drink like the grown-ups – without needing a new cup or adapting to a new drinking system.

All products from the NUK EASY LEARNING range have been designed to complement each other, with each product helping your child to develop.