NUK Starter Toothbrush

with protective ring

  • Ideal for teaching your child to clean her own teeth
  • Extra-round head with soft, rounded bristles
  • With anti-slip safety grip and protective ring, so that the brush isn’t pushed too far into baby’s mouth


Getting to grips

with tooth brushing

  • bpafree


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Proper dental care from day one:

For a child to develop healthy teeth without the onset of caries, it is essential that her parents begin oral hygiene training at an early stage.

The NUK Starter Toothbrush is ideal for teaching your child regularly to brush her teeth on her own:

  • The soft, rounded bristles protect your child’s mouth from injuries.
  • The anti-slip safety ergonomic grip allows parents to hold on too, and guide the brushing motions.
  • The protective ring stops the brush from being pushed too far into the mouth and may also be used as a stand.